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As a student to write an essay is a must. You should write about a particular subject based on your assessment. From your essay, you will be judged about how deep is your understanding or knowledge about a particular subject.

Basically, an essay will be divided into three parts. The first part is an introduction that will include an introduction of the subject that will be discussed. The next part is the body, which is a thorough discussion or complete information about a subject. While the third part is the conclusion or summary of the body.

Before you write an essay , of course you should determine the topics that suits your skill or field of study. And from the topics, you can start determining the outline that will be discussed.

Write your essay with short and clear sentences with systematic writing scheme to make sure your essay is understandable.

You must also check your essay by reading it by yourself. Find out if there is a sentence that is difficult to understand, complicated sentence, or is there an error in typing.

You can also ask for help from your friends, family, or teachers to read your essay and ask for their opinion about your essay.

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